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epic week so-far

Today is my last day I have all day to work on my portfolio before SDCC as tomorrow I'm heading into the city to get some more currency exchanged, will likely be taking Rowan shoe shopping, need to print the last of the documents to take with us, and am going to have my legs waxed, eyebrows shaped and coloured and my eyelashes tinted. (I'm looking forward to some pampering, even if some of it includes having hair painfully stripped from my body.)
Rowan also told me last night that he would like to visit his Dad before we leave because his Step-Mother is down for a visit and we don't see them very often. Rowan's Dad lives an hour away so the visit is going to be 2 hours, minimum of time out of our busy schedule of suitcase packing and last-minute housework before we leave. (We have a house inspection while we're away, which means the house has to look spotless before we go.) I am getting a little stressed about everything but I'm sure we'll manage.

I had to write a contributor bio this morning for that Image book. I hate writing autobiographies, even small ones always freak me out. I have no idea what to say about myself and I have trouble talking about my accomplishments. If I were to ever write an autobiographical novel about myself before I die, I think all I would talk about was how many cats I had.
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