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I've had the most productive week, I feel so accomplished right now. I finished pencilling my Image book yesterday, I managed 6 pages yesterday and 5 pages the day before. I had some time to make up after the surgery but I have done and I'm quite proud of myself, even my writer was impressed with the speed at which I was able to work. I'm going to ink the pages this weekend and then finish the colours, which should see this project completed by this coming Wednesday.
On the subject of my surgery, I have no discomfort anymore and am able to walk around again without having to stop to take painkillers and rest. I should be feeling 100% by the time SDCC rolls around and it's only another week before I can engage in... amorous activities again.

Also finalizing the last of my plans for SDCC; Diana Greenhalgh and her friend Will are going to be crashing in our room for a few nights of the Con because they couldn't get a hotel room. We're meeting up with Diana at an Italian restaurant for lunch on the Wednesday before Preview Night and she's going to take us to the local Blick store to abuse her 10% discount. I'm going to buy myself a heap of bristol pages and sketchbooks because they're impossible to get here, also want to be prepared for any Drink and Draw events that happen. Diana has also been really sweet to offer to introduce me to some of her Marvel contacts and help me with my portfolio. *glee* I'm so excited! pic
My other set plans for the Con are the Womanthology panel which I am going to be a panelist on on the Thursday afternoon and Bethany Fong and I are going to try and time our pick-ups for our orders of Monster High Mattel exclusives at the Marriott together so we can meet and take photos.
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