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I have a story

I wake up at 9am this morning so the sound of the mail man's van barreling up our drive-way, I scramble out of bed sporting epic bed-hair and yesterday's make-up lingering on my face. I can't think straight enough to figure out where my clothes are so I grab my husband's robe and whip it around myself. I answer the door, I think I said 'good morning' when I opened the door but my words were slurred and the light outside dazed me for a second.
The mail man passes me a large package and asks, 'wow, did I just get you out of bed? You still have your make-up on!'
I manage '... yeah. Was up until 2am!' Then it occurs to me that it looks like I'm waking up with a hang-over after an all-night bender on a weeknight. He must be judging the hell out of me.
I wonder if I should explain that I wasn't up all night partying and drinking, but was instead staying up, glued to my computer screen until 2am so I could pre-order some super important collectibles that are going to be at San Diego Comic Con and if I didn't stay up I'd miss out!
It then dawns on me that to most people; being on an all-night bender on a week night instead and waking up hung over is a lot more understandable and less sad than of staying up just to pre-order Convention merchandise. I don't understand those people.
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